Poba Medical

Poba Medical is a local contract manufacturer, focused on innovative balloon development products for customers all around the world. They specialize in angioplasty style balloon and catheter development and production. President and CEO Daniel Kasprzyk came to ASU in 1980 from Milwaukee Wisconsin to study bioengineering. He knew he wanted to pursue a career where medicine and engineering intersected. Once he graduated Daniel realized that there were very few jobs in bioengineering and bioscience in Arizona. This took him on a journey around the US and eventually coming full circle back to Arizona, when offered a job at Gore, here in Flagstaff. Upon accepting a job with Gore in 1997 he was able to expand on his acquired skills. 

In 1999, Daniel had an idea for a company that could provide equipment to the medical device field, thus leading him and his partner to start Machine Solutions. Over the next 12 years, Machine solutions grew from just two employees to over 100. It was at that point, Kasprzyk felt he needed to sell, and begin his next venture. 

After selling Machine Solutions in 2012, Daniel started Simple Surgical, a privately-held company with engineering and product development offices in Sacramento, California, and Flagstaff, Arizona until 2018. With the experience of Machine Solutions and Simple Surgical, Kasprzyk knew he needed to surround himself with motivated, capable, and incentivized individuals that could help him grow and build his vision. In 2018 Kasprzyk started Poba with the plan to supply and produce balloons for Simple Surgical.

Northern Arizona University has been a large asset to Poba. NAU’s mechanical engineering and electrical engineering graduates are coming in bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, not really understanding what a startup is, but willing to make the commitment to learn about not just manufacturing jobs, but how to grow amazing, sustainable careers right here in Flagstaff.  Daniel explained, “ I believe it is the medical device industry greatest industry in the world. I think the things we can solve and the products we can introduce to the marketplace can certainly help save and improve lives.”

Poba Medical

3001 W Shamrell Blvd. Suite 10

Flagstaff, AZ 86005

(928) 569-6630