Novakinetics Aerosystems

Novakinetics Aerosystems was founded by Jim Corning in 1996 in Fort Worth Texas. After 5 years in Texas, Jim was inspired to move to the mountains, and Flagstaff seemed like the perfect location to call home. So, in 2001 he found a place to rent on Huntington Drive, where he reamins to this day, along with a larger manufacturing facility on North Highway 89.

Jim worked for a long time as an engineer and an engineering consultant for many companies in the aviation world, but was always attracted to creating and developing new products.  Jim followed his passion for invention, stating: “It has been a very satisfying journey, especially being able to create with composites and ballistic protection materials.”

As the market changes, Novakinetics Aerosystems continues to evolve. At their facility on North Highway 89, Novakinetics Aerosystems develops wet layup, carbon fiber, and epoxy parts, which are primarily used for engine cowlings, wingtips, and fairing for aircraft. They also have an autoclave at the facility, which is a strong heated container used for chemical reactions and other processes, using high pressures and temperatures. This allows them to cure carbon fiber parts that are accurate to within a few thousandths of an inch of what the designer intends.

Flagstaff is blessed to have such industry prominence in the engineering and manufacturing field.  Leading industries like Novakinetics Aerosystems and Kinetic Defense, are paving the way for young inventors that have a passion for engineering and product development.

Novakinetics Aerosystems

11950 N HWY 89

Flagstaff, AZ 86004