Restoration Forest Products

Restoration Forest Products produces engineered wood products that can be sold as building materials using small diameter, low-quality lumber. With wild fires increasing in step with climate change, the US Forest Service has implemented its Four Forest Restoration Initiative which aims to mitigate risk of catastrophic wild fire and improve forest health by thinning 2.4 million acres of forest. The Forest Service does this in collaboration with industry partners who take on the work of thinning but it’s been a commercial challenge to make use of the lower economic viability of this type of wood product. RFOR however, uses an innovative technique to using this lower quality lumber to create a product that is both stronger and lasts longer than traditional building materials. Thus allowing the company to take on restoration contracts with the Forest Service here in Northern Arizona.

Restoration Forest Products has recently secured a 200 million dollar bond issued by the Arizona Industrial Development Authority to build a 425,000 square foot facility in Bellemont, Arizona. The facility will include a sawmill, a planer mill and dry kilns. This new facility will be an economic boon for northern Arizona, expecting to bring in approximately 200 jobs to to a largely rural area. The new facility will aim to treat 25,000 acres of forest per year, helping to ensure the health of northern Arizona’s forests.

Restoration Forest Products, LLC

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