Machine Solutions

Located on West Shamrell Drive in the Flagstaff Air Park, MSI remains in its original location after 20 years of growth and expansions to its administrative, assembly, and multi-million dollar machine shop space. They now span across 30,000 square feet.  MSI attributes its long term success to developing the right products to meet customer needs and having the right people in place to sell and service the equipment. Their Flagstaff team consists of 75 expert engineers and local factory-trained technicians. After tours at the facility, there is no doubt that the MSI team is dedicated, accomplished, and likes to have fun too. Machine Solutions recently acquired Hori, Switzerland-based BW-Tec in December 2020, expanding their engineering/manufacturing footprint into Europe and bringing their total number of team members to 270 employees across the globe. Machine Solutions has built a high-level reputation globally with its wide breadth of products, patented and innovative technologies, and dedication to precise results. Their processes have elevated MSI to be the industry standard for many medical device manufacturing applications.  

When asked about the success of the Flagstaff location, President and CEO Brian Strini remarked: “Flagstaff is an ideal place for our manufacturing. We are a clean industry with no industrial waste, a focus on maintaining sterility, and no polluting. We live in a unique environment in Flagstaff and we have a great base of medical device and biosciences synergy. The talent pipeline is strong. People want to come here to live, to work, and to enjoy our quality of life.” 

Through the years, MSI has successfully grown both organically and through acquisitions which branch out into near and far markets. These acquisitions have brought about a smooth synergy between the brands, and a welcomed combination of technologies and product line development. Flagstaff is blessed to have such industry prominence in the biosciences field. Leading industries like Machine Solutions, Inc. are paving the way for young talent to enter careers that are rewarding and sustainable over time.

Machine Solutions Inc.

2951 W Shamrell Blvd

Flagstaff, AZ 86005

(928) 556-3019