IML Containers

Started in 1999, IML Containers was part of a global expansion from its French-based corporate company, The Lacroix Group, a family-owned packaging company since 1946. 

Located in Quebec, Canada, North America IML Containers is a technology-driven packaging manufacturer serving national consumer packaged goods companies (CPG) with advanced molding and decoration technologies. North America IML Containers was one of the first companies on the continent to manufacture in-mold labeled containers – containers where the label is directly injected into the packaging. 

In 2012, IML Containers opened a manufacturing facility in Flagstaff and currently employs 40 local workers at the 40,000 square foot plant. The Flagstaff location serves customers  throughout the western United States. IML’s state-of-the-art production process allows them to wrap  3 face or 5 face labels to fit with any container –no matter how uniquely sized it is.  IML Containers is not limited to round or any other inefficient space wasting designs. Space optimization results in efficiencies on the shelf, in warehouse, and on freight. In addition, their packaging designs are stackable, so shipping is more efficient. IML’s thin wall packaging are also lightweight based on customer’s design request – for more freight savings.

IML Containers takes their commitment to the environment seriously. All of their containers, including the labeling, are mono material and 100% recyclable. IML Container also has an internal ecosystem to reuse and recycle energy and production waste. In addition, IML Containers has 20 production facilities around the world which maximizes the shipping efficiency, further reducing the carbon footprint.

IML Containers Flagstaff

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