Electric Torque Machines

In 2007, Electric Torque Machine started integrating their unique technology across a broad variety of projects and applications. ETM’s technology was initially used in high volume, low speed industrial fans, where it brought an industry-first, direct drive technology to the market. It was obvious that the competitive advantages of this technology were an especially great fit for many high duty cycle industrial applications. As a result, their served markets are expanding further into areas like mobility, material handling and pumps.

Since 2007, they’ve produced thousands of motors, clocked millions of cycle hours, and saved millions in kilowatt hours of energy.  In 2018, a Graco engineer was reading a trade journal, and saw an advertisement for ETM and its Transverse Flux Technology. Being the curious type, he called the company, scheduled a conversation, and ultimately challenged ETM to demonstrate the technology with a small prototype. That demonstration started an innovation partnership, and that partnership quickly grew into something even greater: in 2020, Graco acquired ETM.

The Graco acquisition has given ETM the backing of an international manufacturing and engineering powerhouse, with 3,700 employees, over $1.6 billion in sales (2020), and a market valuation of more than $13 billion (at 11/17/21). Graco consistently invests in product innovations, engineering, and operational excellence to drive long term growth and value creation. Graco’s investment in ETM is electrifying Graco’s future and reinforcing their commitment to deliver the highest quality products with leading technology.

Electric Torque Machines

1409 East Butler Avenue

Flagstaff, Arizona 86001

(928) 779-3169